Items Your Professional Movers Won’t Move

If you think movers are able to move anything, you would be wrong. Even the best professional Sunnyvale movers will not allow a number of items on the moving truck. Consider the following items when preparing for your next move:

Hazardous Materials

When loading a moving truck, hazardous materials are definitely out of the question. Thankfully, many of these hazardous items can be disposed of properly and easily prior to the move. Some materials include plants, fertilizer, batteries, pesticides, paints, aerosols, motor oil, acids, propane tanks, pool chemicals, and more. All items that are potentially explosive or flammable are unable to be loaded as well.

Contact your local hazardous waste facility for details on disposal.

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Perishable Items

If considering a long-distance move, movers do not allow food items on the truck. These items will not keep and have the possibility of attracting rodents or other pests. As long as perishable items are properly packed and will be delivered within twenty-four hours, your professional Sunnyvale movers may allow then on the truck.

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Sentimental or Personal Items

Due to the inherent risk of damage or loss, professional movers prefer not to transport these items. As a consumer, having these items under your control should be preferred due to their difficulty to replace. Some items include financial, medical, and school records, jewelry, laptops, personal videotapes, and cash.


Reduce Your Cost of a Long-Distance Move with These Tips

Are you considering a long-distance move but you’re on a tight budget? While moving can be expensive, there are ways you can reduce your costs. The best way to accomplish this is by hiring the San Francisco movers in advance, plan accordingly, and expect some glitches.

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Consider the following when planning a long-distance move:

Choose an Intelligent Move-Out Date

Certain times to move are costlier than others. The more expensive times are on weekends or end of months, and during a holiday. Also, May straight through to September are the busiest months of the year for professional moving companies.

Cut Down Your Items

Give yourself time to go through old clothes, junk drawers, your children’s old toys, etc. Sell or dispose of any items you no longer use or need. The less expensive your move will be when you cut down the number of boxes you are moving.


Hire Professional San Francisco Movers

Hiring professional San Francisco movers ensures a high-quality move. Experienced movers carefully load and unload your belongings. In addition to transporting your belongings, they have the equipment necessary to protect your items and can disassemble/reassemble your belongings. Expert movers make sure your move goes smoothly by taking care of all the work for you.





5 Tips for a Successful Moving Sale

Moving day is fast approaching, and after careful planning with your Redwood City movers, you’re almost ready for the day to arrive. Everything in your current home is not coming with you to your new location. This is a perfect opportunity to get rid of unwanted clutter and make a make a few dollars also.

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Tag Items

After setting the date for your sale, consider the items you want to sell. Research your items worth and when the day of your sale arrives, clearly tag each item with the asked price.

Recruit Helpers

Contact family and friends to help you on the day. If customers need to wait, they may leave. It’s also helpful to have another set of eyes on your items.

Make It Presentable

Test, fix and clean all items you plan to sell. Having items that are presentable increases the chance that someone will purchase them.
Furthermore, make the area of your sale presentable as well.

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Spread the Word

Advertising is the best way to get the word out there. Try online listings such as Craigslist, the local paper, and pass out flyers to local businesses for them to display.
Decorating on the sale day is also very useful, such as balloons.

Be Ready

Have coins and small bills, bags, and tents in case of rain.
You are now ready for your Redwood City movers to load the remaining items.

Useful Tips for Moving with Little Kids

Being a parent is a lot of work. You have days filled with picking up laundry, toys, and spit up. You received word that you are moving soon, and your mind has been wondering how you’ll make everything work.
At your Palo Alto moving company, we understand the predicament and offer you the following tips:

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Recruit Your Kids

Depending on your children’s ages, they can be helpful in the moving process. Hand them a few boxes and instruction on what to fill them with. This not only reduces your workload, but they will feel like an important aspect of the move.

Ask Friends and Family

Whether you ask them to babysit or help with packing and/or unpacking, family and friends can be a helpful resource when moving. You are able to get more stuff accomplished and stress related to the move is reduced.

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Make it an Adventure

Moving day can be an emotional time for children. To help ease these emotions, make the move a fun adventure. Fill the trip to your new home with fun activities and stops. Make them extra excited by letting them plan out the adventure.
While it’s never easy moving with kids, you can prepare for your move by following these tips and letting your Palo Alto moving company help you.

Make Your Small Move Matter

If you are moving from one apartment to another, you might be told this trip is a small move. While an apartment, suite, condo or other like unit may have less square footage and typically contains a smaller number of items than larger homes, from your viewpoint this is anything but small.


Many times, moves such as these can be more complex than traditional moves; especially finding a moving company willing to do smaller moves. A Sunnyvale Moving company proudly offers their assistance for moves such as these, providing the same high level of professionalism with moves no matter what size.

No Matter What Size Move – It Is Important

Perhaps you do not have a basement full of boxes or several rooms in your home with many items, but you still want your personal belongings transported in a safe and secure manner to your new residence. You might be moving only a few miles down the road, but moving everything from your current residence to the new is still an important job. Consider the following to ensure you have a well-organized and successful move:

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Do Not Wait until the Last Minute

During a small move, there are fewer items to worry about; however, a good amount of time should be taken to design a plan, organize, and safely and securely box all your belongings. Rather than leaving anything for the last minute, take the few weeks leading up to your move too slowly pack. Doing so will greatly reduce your stress. Alternately, consider employing a Sunnyvale Moving company and their professional and knowledgeable packers to save you time and hard work.

Find the Best Moving Company

Finding a moving company to move your all your worldly possessions who is willing to take on small moves and provide excellent service can be trying to say the least. A San Francisco moving company offers services for moves such as these, providing the same high level of standards as well as proven results seen with all their successful moves.

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Plan Your Arrival at New Residence

Throughout the moving process, your movers will continue to assist you, so plan ahead where items should be placed in your new residence. Instead of boxes being piled upon each other in your entryway or another room, reduce the amount of work needed in the days following a move and devote more time appreciating your new home.

Most Important Things to Do Before Moving

Prior to moving, there are numerous things you should consider doing. Moving can be a stressful experience whether you are moving many miles away or just around the corner. This is why it is important to use a checklist containing essential tasks you need to complete to ensure an effective move.

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Important Tasks to Do Prior to Moving

Sell Unused Items

Sell any items you no longer have a use for. Moving is an excellent time to get rid of any belongings that are no longer used or needed. Any unsold items can be donated to charity. Overall moving costs are decreased with this task.

Start Packing Early

Begin to pack at least one month prior to moving to avoid staying awake all night to finish last minute packing. While you pack, consider the use of stickers on boxes to make re-organizing your possessions at your new residence easier.

Address Change

To forward mail to your new home, be sure to change your address. To notify your post office about the new address, complete a Change of Address form. You do not want important mail, magazines, or newspapers delivered to your old residence. If moving out of state, contact your broker for information on where to locate these services at your new residence.

Trustworthy San Francisco Movers

Receive a moving estimate from reliable San Francisco Movers. Hiring professionals are much easier than moving by yourself. Prior to moving, it is important to calculate all moving costs.

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List of Items You are Unable to Move

Moving trucks do not allow some common household and kitchen items on board. For example, oil, paint, flammables, etc. Contact a proper disposal facility prior to your move.

Cancel Services

Prior to leaving your old home services must be canceled. Water, gas, electricity, phone, internet, should all be handled prior to moving. Also, contact your new utility companies at least one week prior to your move to ensure your phone, internet, and cable is set up at your new residence before moving in.

School-Age Children

Information about new school options can be found on the internet. Prior to moving check your children’s educational opportunities. To ensure your children do not miss any school, contact the new school to have any paperwork completed beforehand.

Of course, the most important thing to do prior to moving is hiring reliable San Francisco movers for stress-free and simpler moving experience.

What to Do Prior To The Arrival of Professional Packers

If you have decided on using a professional San Francisco moving company for your packing and transporting needs, preparing for the professionals to arrive should be a priority. Consider the following things to do prior to the arrival of your experienced packers:

Rid Your Home of Useless Belongings
Professionally packing and moving items to a new residence only to never use them makes no sense. Especially for those who pay based on the total weight you need to be transported. If you have not used an item for at least 12 months, consider getting rid of it before the packer arrive. Donate, sell, or throw them away instead of spending more time and money.

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Dispose of Any Items Your Packers Will Not Pack
There are several hazardous items professional packers are unable to pack and transport for you due to safety reasons. Three of the major household categories include:

Hazardous – This includes explosive, flammable, corrosive materials which include oils, paint, ammunition, weapons, cleaning fluid, chemicals, etc.
Plants – Due to the fragility of plants, they are your responsibility to transport.
Perishables – Fresh, frozen, and refrigerated foods. Prior to your packing team’s arrival, be sure to use up any food supply you have left.

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Create an Inventory
After you rid yourself of any items you are not taking on your move, it is time to make an itemized checklist detailing all items ready to be packed. This inventory list is a great idea or more than one reason: 1) If any item becomes damaged or are missing, this helps to make a damage claim with your professional mover, or file a claim with your insurer. 2) you will be able to quickly check off items in your detailed list as you unpack.

Use a traditional pen and paper or use the one found online to make a home inventory list.

No-Pack Zone
Select one room in your home or a portion of a room where all items traveling with you to the new residence will be located. Inform the packers before they begin work or be on the safe side and hang a piece of paper stating DO NOT PACK on it.

Household Appliances
Unplug and empty any appliances the professional San Francisco moving company will pack and transport. If you find the time, clean them as well.

Take Photographs
Although you hire a reputable company, it is best to stay on the side of caution by taking plenty of pictures of your household belongings before the arrival of your packers. Pay extra attention to antiques and valuable. These photographs can be useful for the moving company and yourself.

Keep the Packing Process Stress-Free and Organized

Numerous people enjoy the benefits of packing services offered by their Palo Alto moving company to make relocating less stressful. For various reasons, such as financial or they like to pack a certain way, some people prefer to handle the packing themselves. If you are one that falls into the latter category, the following steps can help ensure your packing process is less stressful.



A vital step in any packing process is decluttering. This is especially so for long-distance moves and when your moving company charges are based on weight. Bringing only needed items with you is important. Take a trash bag, sell box, and a donation box and go through each room in your house. Any broken, stained, or otherwise damaged items, toss in the trash. Any items you have never used or not used in at least the last 12 months, place them in either the donation or sell box.

Packing Supplies

In order to keep all your possessions safe, secure and organized, you will want a lot of packing supplies. The basics are as follows:

Packing Take
Several Size Boxes
Bubble Wrap, Packing Paper, or Other Suitable Cushioning
Plastic Baggies
Permanent Markers

In addition to various sized boxes, be sure some are extra sturdy or corrugated for safely transferring fragile items and dishware. Be sure to stock up on packing supplies, much more are needed than you may believe. If you purchase any from your Palo Alto movers company, you can return any unused items.

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Personal Organization System

A crucial way to prevent stress during the packing process is by creating a personal organization system. The process becomes less hectic with the more organized you are. This system may include color-coded boxes by item type or by room. Or perhaps, a number for each box with a corresponding inventory list kept safely in a notebook. Utilize spreadsheets, checklists, apps, or other tools to ease the organization process. Keep in mind, an organized packing process allows for an easy unpacking process.

Packing Basics 

Everybody should be aware of some packing basics while they prepare to move. For one, do not wait until the last minute to pack, spread it out. A few weeks prior, pack décor and storage closets, and work out from there.

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Furthermore, be sure heavy items you pack are placed at the bottom with lighter ones placed on top. This allows boxes to remain more stable during transport. Light items should be placed in larger boxes while smaller boxes with heavier items.

Factors to Consider When Deciding on A Moving Date


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Moving day matters for many reasons. It’s important to learn what should and can influence your moving day decision. The following factors should be taken into consideration when deciding on a moving date:

Moving Budget:

Your moving budget and the date you choose to move is directly related. Some days are slightly more expensive, such as when the Palo Alto moving company are busiest. Busy periods include holidays, weekends, summer months, and the beginning/ending of the month. Winter is the best time to move if you want to avoid paying more.

Your Needs:

Aside from your budget, your needs are the most important factor to consider when deciding on a moving date. Will you be starting a new job, or will your children be starting at a new school? Do you prefer to wait to move after your child finishes the school year?

Moving Company Availability:

Most reliable moving companies have more work, of course, meaning you should schedule 2 to 3 weeks prior to ensure they will be available when you need them. Do not wait until the last minute to hire your trustworthy Palo Alto movers company.

Once you know the date your rental contract is finished, begin planning what date works best for you and your moving company.


Essential Items Needed Once You Arrive at New Residence

A first-night box or bag, sometimes called an essential box, is commonly overlooked due to all the preparing and demanding work that goes into an effective move. However, planning ahead can ensure you’re not separated from your most needed items right after the Redwood City moving company is finished and you’re officially moved into your new home.


Only the Absolute Essentials:

Consider packing the following items in a specially marked bag or box you can carry yourself to your new residence:

  • Prescription or over-the-counter medications you take regularly
  • Glasses and/or contact lenses as well as cases and cleaning essentials
  • Phones, laptops, and tablets and charging cords
  • A small number of dishes and utensils, if applicable
  • Two-three days’ worth of clothing
  • Set of bed sheets and pillows
  • Pet food and dishes, bedding, or medications, if applicable. Having these items can also help your pet adjust to the new home.
  • Basic cleaning materials to handle potential messes

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Unique Considerations:

In addition to the above items, consider any unique items you may need. Will you need work clothing, iron and iron board, or any important documents immediately after your Redwood City moving is finished transporting your belongings?


Planning what you’ll need for the days following a move can save not only time but frustration as well.