The Pros and Cons of Asking Friends to Help You Move

When you’re getting ready to move, there’s a lot to think about, a lot to get done and a lot of expenses you may not have seen coming. It can seem like a no brainer to reduce some of the stress and ask your friends to help you move. It is especially tempting to do so if you’re moving in the same town. While there are undeniable perks to having your friends help with the move, there are some downsides as well. If you’re getting ready to move in or near Redwood City, consider these 6 pros and cons of having your friends or extended family help you move.

Palo alto moving

Pro: You Save Money

When your friends help you move, you don’t have to pay any moving or hauling fees. All you have to pay for is an extra large pizza and maybe a six-pack, the rest is on the friends and family tab.

Con: You Get What You Pay For

Unless your friends and family are professional movers (or they’ve moved themselves a dozen times) they aren’t going to have the skills and experience to pack and load your personal belongings. This can become a big problem when it comes to your fragile or precious items.

Pro: You Can Trust Your Friends

You’ve got a lot on your mind during a move, and the last thing you want to worry about is keeping an eye on the strangers in your house. Friends and family can be trusted, which eases some of the stress from the move.

Con: If Something Breaks, It’s Awkward

It is totally possible that a loved one could damage or break something while packing or moving. If that happens, there is no insurance to cover the damage. Doing business with family members is always uncomfortable, and “hiring” them to move your belongings is no different.

Pro: You Get To Share A Big Moment With The Ones You Love

When you’re packing and moving things, a lot of memories tend to come from nowhere. It’s nice to have people you love around to relay all the sudden memories you made in your home. PLus, familiar company makes all the work a bit more manageable.

Mixed race man unpacking in new home

Con: They Don’t Want To Work

It’s entirely possible that your friends will show up to “help”, do some micromanaging, pack a box or two and then skip out of there. Moving is a lot of work and responsibility, and relying on friends and family to help out with packing, moving and hauling is a lot like asking them to pet sit your horse.

If you’re in the Redwood City area and you’re getting ready to move, call the professionals at Moving Forward, Redwood City Movers.


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